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budget travel guide to parvati valley

Since you are reading this post you must be a travel lover and little tight on budget. Me too, being a traveler since I was a student, money for travel was always an issue to think of. Yes saving a part of pocket money and earnings from tuition did give me the independence to think of travelling, however compatible budget was always the prime hindrance to the scope of the journey. If it is the same situation with you or you simply want to save money and use it for another travel, this BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE TO PARVATI VALLEY​ will definitely help you.


Parvati valley as the name suggests has River Parvati flowing through it’s heart and is a picturesque place adorned by mountains and green coniferous forests. It is mostly famous for its guilty escapades in and around the beautiful hamlet of Kasol, (yeah you seem excited, if not check out my blog Why Kasol is An Wonderful Soul Appetizer), gateway to the smoking sulphur baths of Manikaran Gurudwara, trek to Malana Village/Kheer ganga and rave parties in Challal. Beyond these crowdy affairs, beauty of the mountains and river side seems to be a dream in motion. Little beyond lush green earth lies the trio village of Kalga, Pulga, Tosh each providing a unique view of the Parvati valley, with a guarantee of snowy experience. 

I am sure you have become eager enough to plan out the travel and leave, so let’s plan it out

Places covered – Chandigarh – Manali – Bhuntar – Kasol – Barshaini – Kheerganga – Tosh – Manikaran –   Kullu – Chansari – Bijli Mahadev – Baggi.

Approximate round trip days – 14.

Place of start/end – Kolkata. 

Total Approximate budget – 11,000 to 13,000. Planned for solo travel, more people means less the cost.



Day 1 – Boarding Train

Boarding Train from Howrah Station.

Food to be taken from Home. 

Train fair approximate – Rupees 700 (sleeper coach).

Try to take the train that will get you to Chandigarh at evening preferably by 4 o’clock.

Expense – Rupees 700.


Day 2 – In Transit

Use dry food brought from home preferably roti, sabzi, aachar, bread, butter for breakfast and evening snack. Food cost for Lunch and dinner Rupees 200.

Expense – Rupees 200. 


Day 3 –Get down in Chandigarh.

From station, walk 5 minutes to bus stand, take a bus to ISBT 43. 

Takes about 30 minutes to reach, keep luggage in cloak room and freshen up, have **evening snacks. 

From the designated counter get a ticket for the normal HRTC bus to Manali, preferably the one leaving at 8.15 pm. Have dinner at 10 pm when the bus halts for the same.

**Have evening snacks from the stalls outside ISBT 43, very cheap and reliable.

Don’t take auto, they over-charge tourists. Always take the public transport, they are safe and reliable.

Optional – If you land in Chandigarh early explore the city, you can visit Rock Garden, Sukhna lake and others by taking bus itself. Use google maps for the routes and bus numbers.

Cloak Room – Rupees 10, Food – Rupees 200, Bus ticket (ordinary) – Rupees 446.

Expense – Rupees 656.


Day 4 – Reach Manali.

Reach Manali by 6.30 am. For getting cheap staying rooms there are two options,

First option – walk towards flag post and then take the road to old Manali (15 minutes). In old Manali get a room in homestay/hotel for Rupees 700 or less. Old Manali has plenty of cheap hotels and eateries.

Second option – From Durga mandir outside bus stand take left, walk towards model town. Get a room in hotel for Rupees 700 or less. You will find cheap eateries on the sides of the model town road.

Take rest and after having breakfast explore Manali.

Hotel room – Rupees 700, Food – Rupees 300.

Expense – Rupees 1000.

Day 5 – Explore Manali

Spend the day exploring the area around Manali by walking.

Hotel room – Rupees 700. Food – Rupees 300.

Expense – Rupees 1000.

Day 6 – Reach Kasol

Leave Manali early morning. Take bus from Manali Bus Stand to Bhuntar ( around 2 hours), have breakfast and then take another bus to Kasol ( around 1 hours). Get down at Kasol Bus Stand and enquire in the market for cheap home stays. You can easily get a Room for Rupees 500. Spend the evening exploring the Kasol market.

Manali to Kasol – Rupees 200. Stay – Rupees 500. Food – Rs 200 (Cheap veg).

Expense – Rupees 900.

Day 7 – Trek to Kheerganga

Leave Kasol early morning for Barshaini. Keep your luggage in various luggage keeping centers for a nominal fee of Rs 100.

Take the early morning bus to Barshaini. Have breakfast and trek to Kheerganga (Preplan the trek route carefully). Stay at Kheerganga.

Travel to Barshaini – Rupees 100. Food – Rupees 200, Tent – Rupees 700.

Expense – Rupees 1100.

Day 8 – Trek to Tosh

Leave Kheerganga and trek to Tosh. Get a little higher up the village and find for cheap home stays. Spend the evening in Tosh.

Hotel room – Rs 700, Food Rs 500.

Expense – Rupees 1200.

Day 9 – Back to Kullu via Manikaran

Trek down from Tosh to Barshaini and take a bus to Manikaran to Kasol to Kullu.

Take hot spring bath in the Gurudwara and have free lunch in  lunger. Serve in the lunger and leave for Kasol. Collect your luggage and leave for Kullu. Night stay at Kullu.

Travel – Rupees 220. Food – Rupees 200. Stay – Rupees 700.

Expense – Rupees 1100.

Day 10 – Trek to Bijli Mahadev.

Take bus from Kullu to Chansari. Then trek to Bijli Mahadev. Get back to Kullu by evening.

Food – Rupees 200. Travel – Rupees 100. Stay at Kullu – Rupees 700.

Expense – Rupees 1000.

Day 11– Back to Chandigarh

Take bus to Chandigarh. Reach by evening and board train to Howrah.

Travel fare – Rupees 646. Food – Rupees 200. Get extra dry food for next day breakfast/evening snack – Rupees 100.

Expense – Rupees 946

Day 12 – In transit.

Food – Rupees 200. Train Fare – Rupees 700.

Expense – Rupees 900

Day 14 – Back to Kolkata.

Keep another Rupees 2000 extra for extra personal expenses.

Here you go. This is a precise blueprint for BEST HAPPY BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE TO PARVATI VALLEY within 14 days.

Do try to save in hotel stays. You can find cheaper hotel if your search out. Try to cover places by walking and by public transport only. They are the cheapest and most reliable way to travel in Himachal And spend each evening exploring the place and trying local cuisines.

Hope you like our take on the BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE TO PARVATI VALLEY​. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.​

Happy Travelling!

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