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REINA (Part II) - english short story

REINA (Part II) – english short story

My time stopped the moment our eyes met. I have been told I am very pretty looking for an average kimono weaver’s  boy. They say my face is “wasted” as I am poor,but I never really gave in to that fact much. Although if anyone ever confessed to me, they would eventually end up rejected. This town’s girls never attracted me as such. The only one I got along was Naoko . I thought she was everything I will ever have so precious to me, until this day,when I met Reina the first time.

“Akihiro-kun. This is Reina. Beautiful ,isn’t she?”, Naoko holding the new girl’s face in her hand.

Beautiful? I thought she was an angel sent by the Daibutsu(Great Buddha)! She was pale white with two huge hazel eyes looking all around her. Her figure was short and cute. All I wanted to do was take her in my arms and never let go. This new feeling was making my heart race so much like it would burst any moment. Is this love?

“Yes.”,I said blushing like crazy. “You know, I have been meeting a strange man from the West for a while now,” Naoko said with a bit of hesitation in her voice. “He claims to be a businessman like his father but I wonder if he really

REINA (Part II) – english short story

is one.  I’m sure Papa called him in for my hand. He is a nice man. He brought Reina along with him. He said she could be my companion when he takes me to his country.”

She pulled me and whispered in my ear, “But I don’t like her at all. She is kinda boring and odd. I don’t know what to do with her. Will you take her? I can’t trust anyone else.”

The words were like blessings to my ears. I was too excited to reply instantly. I needed to calm down and tell her what I wanted slowly, like a normal person. I didn’t want to look too eager, that might sound wrong!

“Are you sure? She was a gift. If he asks you about her?”, I said as quietly as possible.

“He wouldn’t know. Besides, he gave her to me and I can do anything with her. Just tell me if you will take her or not?”

“If I take her, will you be happy?,” I asked clenching my heart.

“Totally!”, her eyes lit up.  “If you take her I will have one less thing to take care of right now. I am on a mission, you know. I don’t want any  unnecessary interruption.”

REINA (Part II) – english short story

“If her presence bothers you that much, then I will bring her to my place now.”

I looked at Reina staring at me, behind Naoko  and imagined our rest of the lives together. It will be like a fairytale! Before I left I made sure I thanked Naoko for everything. I walked a few paces with Reina and then turned back and said,

“ Thank you, Naoko. You mean everything to me. See you around.”

I thought to myself that this will be goodbye for us and a new beginning for Reina and me. Naoko and I ,we both will be happy this way. God has listened to our prayers and gave us this life that we deserved. After that, Reina and I started living together happily. She was a quiet one but her eyes were always talking. She loved curry-rice with fishbits that I made for her. She used to enjoy catching butterflies and bugs. She paid attention whenever I talked to her and observed eagerly when I was at work. Until the last weekend something happened and I lost her.

Reina was sulking on the garden looking at the flowers when she spotted a rare butterfly fluttering majestically over my rose-bed.  I was keeping an eye for her as she was still new to the surroundings and didn’t want her to get lost. When I casually went outside to see what she found, I was startled. She was gone.

I searched for her like a mad man. I searched the garden, the beach everywhere. No trace of her. I asked almost everyone I knew, showed pictures of her to strangers. No luck. It’s been three days, since I last saw my Reina.

I searched for her today as well,but I guess she hid herself well. I just hope she is alright. A wave of fearful thoughts  hit me every minute. I never knew I was so much in love with her all this time. It was love at first sight. The image of her wide eyes brings an ocean of tears to my heart. It’s so painful. Then a new thought started burning me; it is true I do love her with all I have, does she?

I came back from my delusions to the present as I felt Naoko’s arms around my neck and her breath on my face. She held me so tight in her bind that I could feel her breasts crushing my ribs suffocating me. She smelled of Jasmine. As I recall the time that I spent with Naoko, I never noticed the change she had on her body. Now I can feel her curves, her warmth, her soft skin. Everything. Maybe…..

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