Which one: Car Mileage or Car Safety?

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car mileage or car safety

car mileage or car safety

In 21st century, buying a car is pretty easy for each and every category of people. With so many exciting loans offered by banks, you can fulfil your long awaited dream of owning a car. But the question is which car would you buy? Which one is the best mileage car?

There are many categories of cars available in the Indian market. In the recent years, you may have been gone through some articles regarding cars’ build quality, low speed crashes resulting in severe injuries and also death. We will discuss this topic and list down all the cars falling in this category to help our readers to beware while choosing.

In India, people love mileage, there is a tagline “Kitna deti hai?” (how much it gives?), which was used by Maruti Suzuki in their advertisements. They learnt the market quite fast and how Indians buy a car. They found out what are the FAQS  a middle class person look for while purchasing a car.

In 1982, a license and joint venture agreement (JVA) was signed between Maruti Udyog Ltd. and Suzuki of Japan.


Keeping the above questions in mind, they came up with such cars which became instant hit – 800, Omni, Zen, Alto, Esteem, Versa, Wagon R, Swift, Swift Dzire, Celerio, Eeco, Baleno, Brezza, Ertiga, etc. All these products constituted for its market share of a staggering 53% according to July 2018 report. With its huge market share, each and every household atleast drove one Maruti Suzuki in their lifetime.

Due to so many Maruti Suzuki cars on road, their parts are easily available, hence, the maintenance is quite cheap. When planning for a long drive, you might find yourself in a dilemma whether your car will be alright or not, what if something  goes wrong? Such is not the case with a Maruti Suzuki. Wherever you go, even to a rural area, there will always be a mechanic who can repair your car in no time. Such is the reliability. Now, you are all set to hit the road,you are going with your family, kids in the back seat, one is sleeping and the other enjoying the lush green fields, cruising at 80 km/h, when all of a sudden you peep on the speedometer and see your car is returning 26.5 km/l. You, with a broad smile, thought this is the best car you bought. It saves you a lot of money on the long run.

After 5-6 years, you want to buy another car of the same make, so you go to a dealer and want to exchange your car for a new one. You got a huge deal, went home and told your kids about the new car you are willing to buy. They got pretty excited hearing  the news. So, you switch on the news, when all of a sudden, your heart  skips a beat. The news says – “A family of four hit a lorry, death on spot”. And browsing through the news, you found the car was of the same make and model, going through the same highway which you took 5 years ago, and the speed of that car estimated was 70 km/h.


What is your reaction as a reader? Let alone the protagonist.

This is where a more horrifying story comes up.

Look at the pictures below to get a clear idea of what I am talking about:

We all run after mileage and resale value when purchasing a car, but who talks about SAFETY?

There is an organization, GLOBAL NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) which checks the material used on the car, its quality, its safety features. It does crash tests on every car and gives them ratings based on the safety of occupants in the car. Below are some reports of famous models in India, higher the stars, more is the safety:

Needless to say, what is more important?

Your car’s mileage or your life? Highest mileage car or Car safety ratings?

I am not defaming Maruti Suzuki only, there are many other brands which do not consider safety as a priority. They may give so many features, more mileage, less maintenance, but always know family and friends comes first.


If you want to travel daily, mainly in cities, go to college, to work then mileage is really important. Go for mileage cars like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai hatchbacks. They will be pocket-friendly and maintenance free. But ask the dealer if the car atleast provides dual airbags and has NCAP rating of 2 stars or not.

But, if you like to go on long trips, cruise at high speeds (not recommended), then safer car makers like Tata, Hyundai premium cars, Toyota, Mahindra (except Scorpio) have more than 3 stars in NCAP and hence provide a safer journey for your loved ones.

Please give importance to car seat safety inspection and car safety features.

Here is a list of some of the safest cars in India:

From the above ratings, you can understand Indian car brands like Tata and Mahindra are trying their best to prioritize safe cars.

So whenever you go on hunting, please ask the dealers about the safety features, NCAP rating of your dream car you are planning to buy with your hard earned money.

Stay aware, always wear your seatbelt and drive safe.